Advanced Spotify Promotion Tips For Upcoming Artists

As an artist, you might be brainstorming how to grow your Spotify nonstop, and you may have even bought books and listened to interviews about how to go viral on Spotify.

The truth is that it can be quite difficult, but there are plenty of talented artists that have ended up seeing a lot of success.

Some of them have hired the best Spotify promotion service that money can buy, and others have just taken advantage of the opportunities that were presented.

It can be tough to get free Spotify promotion, after all. Your fans might support you without asking any questions, but influencers and curators want to make sure that there is some sort of relationship established.

You should make sure that the tradeoffs are fair while you are figuring out how to grow your Spotify fans.

Spotify promotion can help you a lot when it comes to residual income, especially when you aren’t touring.

Here are some Spotify promotion tips to keep in mind when coming up with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Choose The Right Songs

Artists are individual people with their own taste, and they might believe that their personal favorite song is the next song to release.

However, you should have people around you to provide feedback about the right song to choose, and what will make the most impact.

Your manager may have had success with other acts, and you might be friends with a music executive that knows what it takes to succeed in the music industry.

Everyone is trying to figure out how to grow their Spotify, without realizing that they might have chosen the wrong songs to represent them.

You should choose the right songs to promote and decide whether it’s worth it to pay for viral Spotify promotion.

If you have a budget, you might decide to pay thousands of dollars for the best Spotify promotion companies you can afford.

However, Promotespotify can absolutely help with you figure out the game of Spotify promotion for much less. Either way, you should figure out the songs that you want to promote the most and understand why.

Let’s say that you are a rapper and find out that most of your fans are female. You might not realize it, but putting out a song that will appeal to females more than males might be the move at this moment. Similarly, you might find that one of your songs appeals more to young people than older people.

You should do as much research as possible on your own songs before you pay for Spotify promotion.

This way, you will maximize your best Spotify promotion results. It’s also important to choose songs that aren’t too long so that they can capture your fans’ attention and leave them wanting more.

Grow On All Platforms

One of the most important things to remember as a new artist when it comes to how to promote your Spotify is to remember that it is all intertwined. Let’s say that you make a tweet that happens to speak about how hard it is to be a music artist, and it gets retweeted 4,000 times.

You should immediately begin advertising your Spotify link for maximum Spotify music promotion, and you might find that some of the same people that interacted with your tweet end up helping you figure out how to grow to Spotify.

This goes for all platforms – you might be a former model that is now focused on being a pop artist. What marketing tactics do you remember for getting the most likes on Instagram?

You might want to consider taking a picture that will appeal to your fans but adding your music links in the description. You can also get interactive with contests for real Spotify promotion. The point here is simple: make sure that you are gaining followers on all platforms.

This might make it so that you don’t have to buy Spotify monthly listeners because you know your Twitter and Instagram followers so well and are gaining traction there.

Power In Numbers

There are many collectives that have been able to become successful because they all support each other. You might not be in a group with other people, but you should have a strong network of artists that are willing to support each other releases.

If certain acts begin taking off, they could provide some real Spotify promotion that could help the other parties get followers.

Instead of worrying about how to buy Spotify promotion, why not get a co-sign from some established artists?

Of course, this will take some networking. You should do what you can to make it out to music events and make sure that you have the right conversations with the right people.

We all know that influencers can also result in free Spotify promotion, so maintain relationships with them.

If you are constantly releasing music every week, and you have 2-3 influencers that love your music – this can potentially lead to thousands of new followers!

You never know if the right friendship can lead to real Spotify promotion.

You might run into a business owner that knows a rapper that would be willing to help you with organic Spotify promotion, or you might know someone at your record label that could connect you with a marketer.

It might take time to make these connections, but they can prove very valuable over time.

Promote All The Time

One of the things that artists have to realize is that there are so many opportunities for free Spotify promotion, but they might forget about it. Let’s say that you did two interviews with radio stations in a day about your latest release, and you talked about your personal life and your album.

Why didn’t you give yourself some real Spotify promotion by telling fans to follow your Spotify? Of course, you can try to give them some incentive, such as announcing that a new song is available to stream.

You have to think this way if you are serious about marketing yourself.

You might even want to post under other artists’ captions and give yourself some free Spotify promotion. This might get annoying if you are constantly doing it, and spamming your link is never the way to become successful.

However, you should make sure that you are letting it be known that you have music for sale, and research the best ways on how to go viral on Spotify.

The best Spotify promotion companies might be able to get you more likes and follows, but the organic music promotion that comes from fans is hard to beat.

Let’s say you are on stage, and you just finished the best show of your life. Your fans are going crazy, and you are positive that music blogs will be talking about this performance for months to come.

This would be the kind of opportunity to tell fans to follow you on Spotify, and this free Spotify promotion is the kind of thing that can change the way that your career goes.


It can take a lot of work to always think about free Spotify promotion, but this is part of the game. If there’s an influencer that wants to interview you, ask them if it’s okay if you incorporate some organic music promotion, and find out whether they would be open to a relationship outside of the interview.

You can also learn from your own analytics and figure out whether businesses or brands might be interested in also giving you some free Spotify promotion somehow. You never know until you ask, and you might end up landing a lucrative deal that also offers organic Spotify promotion.

There are so many regarding how to go viral on Spotify. You might be a singer that also happens to be an incredible dancer, and your Tiktok video goes viral.

You might be a famous artist that is associated with a more famous artist, and one particular interview that showcases your personality ends up getting millions of views.

You might not KNOW the way that you will eventually get organic Spotify promotion, but you should take advantage of it when it does happen!

There’s nothing wrong with paying the best Spotify promotion companies to help, but real fans will take you a lot further than listens from bots.

If you are serious about Spotify promotion, find out how Promotespotify can help you grow a real fanbase on Spotify.

You could buy Spotify monthly listeners, but remember that it’s about a larger picture.

The best Spotify promotion method for you is something that might take months, or even years, to find out.

You should continue to test out different ads and strategies so that when you do buy Spotify monthly listeners, you are doing so the right way and the smart way.

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